Imagine having an incontinent gelding, or a horse that gets great delight in rolling in all sorts, meaning that you have to have regular trips to the rug cleaners in toe with extremely unpleasant smelling rugs.

Slipping the rug off the horse without getting too dirty is the easy Smug Bagbit, getting it ready to transport it is another, that is of course until the SMUG Bag came along.

The SMUG Bag is a waterproof lined, double zipped bag that opens out flat to allow you to drop your smelly rug onto it so that you can zip it up without getting all dirty and smelly yourself.

There are sturdy handles that can easily slip over your shoulder making it really easy to carry, even with a heavy rug in it.

The SMUG Bag can not only be used for Smelly Rugs, but also for garden clippings, sailing gear, mucky football or rugby gear, or a simple boot liner for transporting wet and muddy dogs around in the car, or perhaps even a picnic sheet.

I am sure that there are many things the SMUG Bag can be used for, however these are only a few suggestions.

The SMUG Bags have a 100% waterproof lining, designed to either keep the wet stuff in or the wet stuff out with the dimensions of the SMUG Bag when folded ready for transporting are 26.5 inches high and 36 inches wide.

When opened out flat the SMUG Bag measures at 36 inches wide and 53 inches high


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SMUG Bags - Easy

No more ripped bin bags with your rug hanging out!

With the SMUG Bag it is as easy as 1,2,3